Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 is over too !

The last post that I had was in 2004. Now it's 2006 and I still think this (bloging) is a good idea ! Today I noticed that I now have the spell checker ! Anyway still in Chicago and still getting old.

Friday, November 26, 2004

2004 is almost over too...

Today is a cold, dark, boring and after all the black Friday. Stupid shopping crazy , wishful thinking suburban house wives running all around the stores to buy junks cheaper. Cheaper ? Comparing to what and when ? Anyway , some companies are happy and and I still have a job. Life is good!

I won't be going to work for two more days. The reading is something that I picked up again and I enjoy it very much. I also think it gives me something that I missed in past few years and that is feeling intellectual!

I should write more often, I guess I'm more honest when I write.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

In the office, waiting for Paul to come and help him to put the new Sun Server in the cabinet. Out there it's all about the war. Radio, TV and Newspaper, I don't know what is going to happen, but GOD please save us. I don't like to talk about war or politics, but can you close your eyes and pretend that you can't see what's going out there? Not really. I know someday I will read these and I can have an opinion about all of this madness, but for now I don't think I know enough to talk about it. I have to remember my project X documents to take home and work on it. I need to have something done this week. That's it for now.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

I think I'm going to like this, I wish they will provide an online spell checker it's not that hard to implement. So here is the deal righ now: Roxanna is sleeping right here, Kian and Kimmia are upstaires and fortunatly sleep. I'm thinking about next week, I know that I have to deal with WCIRB, the TimeStep Project and my marketing initiative ! yah, I'm going to move forward , but I'm not going to write it's name here, let's call it only the Project X.

Ok, this is my first attempt to start writing again! I used to write about things and about people, about life and about death, about love and about hate. But then I felt there is nothing to say anymore , or there is no need to say anything anymore ,or it just does not make any difference any more, so I stopped and I tell you , it was not fun , it's like having something to say and not saying it , because you don't know the language ! It’s like moving to Chicago!